Monetize your recommendations
On your own map
All you need is one link

No more throwing hundreds of links and addresses to your audience or followers. Enhance follower engagement with everything on your own maps. One single link is all they need to see your world.[Example here]

Bring benefits to everyone

Besides recommending, you can bring benefits to your audience or followers. Let them enjoy discounts with your recommendations.

Starting from reservation

Allow your audience or followers to make reservations from your map directly. Your unique reservation links can be pasted anywhere on your website or social media too.

One reward code for everything

Before payment, users scan the reward code once to confirm attendance, finalize reward amount and record transactions. Rest assured that we record everything and share with you the earnings you deserve.

All transactions in one view

Every transaction generated through your maps and links is listed on your dashboard instantly.

Be there and try first

Ready to be invited, or simply make a reservation to try out the places first.

Let us do the housekeeping

Auto retrieve and update information of every place you pin. Spend your valuable time on discovering more nice places.

Never let anyone down

Once our system detects a closure of business, a warning sign is shown to notify your audience or followers.

No download required

It's good for your audience or followers to have the app, but your maps, reservation and the discount code feature work just as perfectly on browsers - desktop, tablet and mobile.